• CmdVees is available now on our online store in addition to Apple Mac App Store.
  • Added: drop text and other supported snippets into menu bar icon.
  • Added: menu item to clear all stack at once. Press the option (⌥) key when the menu is visible to reveal it.
  • Modified: default "Clear" shortcut is now ⇧⌘E to avoid a conflict with Xcode 4 and make it harder to press by mistake when you use the "Join" shortcut.
  • Bug fixed: menu items are disabled if the stack is empty.


  • Added Queue mode. Items will be pasted on the same order they were copied.
  • Now there are 2 menus on menubar icon: left-click for copied items, right-click for commands and options.
  • Added a preference: choose Stack or Queue mode. Also available as menu items on right-click menu.
  • Added a preference: detect newest items on Joins and Clear operations.
  • Added a preference: always join in the order items were copied (Stack mode only)
  • Added a menu item: quit the background agent.
  • Added Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and German languages.
  • Fixed issues with DVORAK and other keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed a crash when the shortcut couldn't be translated to configured language.
  • Unlock if application from Mac App Store exists on /Applications.


With CmdVees you can copy stuff non-stop and paste it individually in reverse order.

Main features

  • Copied texts are stored in a stack. When pasted, last-in will be first-out.
  • Paste: paste item on top of stack and remove it.
  • Join: concatenate all items and paste the result.
  • Swap: exchange item on top of stack with current selection.
  • Clear: empty the stack.
  • Menulet with copied items.
  • Customizable shortcuts and much more preferences.